Tiffany Testimony

Because of the Word of God being sown in my heart I have been delivered from my past (abuse, hurts, lost, unanswered questions, insecurities, fears, feeling unloved). Before Jesus, the Word being sown in my heart, I would stuff all my pain deep down inside to the point I would almost forget they were there; almost becoming numb to them. Once I opened my heart to the Lord and said the prayer of consecration there was no more hiding and tucking away my past. As I opened my heart to him I wanted to be more in his presence which meant being in the fire and all the un-pure garbage inside being drawn to the surface as he refined me and I wanted to be more in his Word which meant conviction to all the things that are unseen and hidden away in my heart. Having all these things revealed to me hurt badly but it had to be done and I’m glad it was. All the things I thought I let go and had no feelings towards came to the forefront and I was forced to deal with them.  The way I dealt with them was only through the Word of God. As I meditated on his Word I could feel the chains of bondage falling off (Romans 6:18) my insecurities began to diminish (Psalm 139:13-14 ) and I finally begun to realize someone does love me and that I am not worthless but have a purpose in life (Jeremiah 29:11). Without the Word of God in my life I can tell you that I would be unable to stand.

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