Rodney Howard Browne – Barbara M. Testimony

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Dear Pastor Rodney Howard Browne, I just posted this on my facebook – I was watching something really awesome last night. It said a lot to me. At the Rodney Howard-Brown meeting (live stream) he had everyone go up to stand together who are soul-winning and those who have gone out to his Great Awakening Tour before. Over 100+ people came up and stood together…it was a truly beautiful portrait of people tall and short, different shapes and sizes, skin colors, male & female..BUT they all had a beautiful GLOW about them.

Each one. they had a peace about them. Just regular people like you and me. And they had JOY. why ?? they are filled with the Holy Spirit and are DOING the word. not just quoting scripture and saying they are Christians. That’s what I saw anyway. And that’s where I’m headed…soul winning, with a script in hand. it works…and just said I’m letting go and letting God. Thats the key – – a lot of Christians say they follow Christ, but really are following a lot of other things instead. make sense ?

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