Kyle Testimony

During my internship I am seeing some of my harvest from things I have sown in the past. There were so many things that I was diligent and faithful with since I started my walk with God five years ago. One example, I cleaned  toilets all second year and kept my heart right, and now I am trusted to clean things that no one else can even know about. So when students come up to me and tell me they can’t do this and they don’t want to do this I can tell them, hey look! I have done just about everything since I have been here in school so it kills their excuse of not wanting to do what they are supposed to do. I’m finding myself living the phrase “My breakthrough is someone else’s breakthrough”. This encourages me to keep pressing forward to overcome so many areas that need to be dealt with in my life for other people’s eternity!

Internship has been a great stretch on the flesh as far as sleep. It is one thing when you are working a job and money is your motivation, but this is for the renewed man’s walk with Jesus. The flesh wants to have a nice ride back and forth from the house to school. That had been a great lying down of the flesh in my life because I have always had a ride and never walked anywhere. God is really stretching my faith for a car but me walking and being with him is more important than me having a car right now.


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