Heimo Testimony

The second year at RBI has been worth all the trouble! I have had the privilege of listening day after day to great Bible teaching. The word of God has been molding my heart in an awesome way! Of course, I have learned many different things but the greatest affect on me has been the teachings on the Christian character. I have come to realize that many of my problems are directly caused by the lack of character.

I have always kind of thought that character is something that you are born with and that there is little you can do to change it. That is of course a lie of the enemy! Personality is what you are born with, but character is being developed all the time. I have come to understand how essential Godly character is in life in general but especially in the ministry! If you don’t have the character to keep yourself pure and to take care of your family properly, how can you even dream of having a full time ministry? Being a father of two little children is good training for the ministry because it takes character.

The word of God has been like a sword or a flashlight that has been penetrating me during this year at RBI. I have been changed enormously! There are still things to deal with, but I am so glad for what God has already done through the power of His Word! I feel like I have been given the equipment to work with my character, and most of all the Word has motivated me to change! It isn’t fun to die to your flesh, but that is the only way character is being built. Doing the right thing isn’t easy but it is always worth it! I am being built up strong!