Rodney Howard Browne – Laquan Testimony

The Word of God being sown in my life has totally transformed me into a new person. As the Word was sown into my life through different vessels it seems to reveal more and more areas in my life that I needed to line up with God’s Word. The Word revealed to me many areas of my life that I was operating in fear my whole life. Though it was a battle as I began to read more of the word on God’s love and care for us and heard powerful preaching at the River church, freedom came to me. I was not only able to be more effective for God in preaching the Gospel but I became free from all fears. I now can say I truly trust God to deliver me from anything that comes my way because he is faithful to perform his word and God cannot fail. As I read more and more I see different areas of my life line up with the will of God. My family notices the change and now sees me as a man of God. Even at work where I was once known as a sinner but now I’m seen as a Godly person. The Word being sown into my heart has also helped me to make soul winning a lifestyle as I began to see the purpose of the church and believers in Christ Jesus. I am also working on becoming the best husband I can be as a result of the Word being sown into my life. As I begin to get in the Word and act upon it my life and everyone around me has been changed.  I’ve even seen my brother, sisters, and cousins come to Christ as a result of me acting on the Word of God. I am new man today because of the Word of God. I’m happy to say I am the righteous of God in Christ Jesus.