Rodney Howard Browne – Kimberly R. Testimony

The Lord has been trying to get me to get off of food stamps for a couple months. In my mind I just didn’t see how that was possible as a single mother with 3 kids and no job yet. Great Awakening Tours on Thursday September 8th The Lord asked me again and I filled out the offering envelope but when the bucket passed I didn’t put it in.  I went to bathroom. I started crying uncontrollably and felt horrible inside. So I said ok Lord. I returned to my seat and took the envelope with the food stamp card to the alter. The next day I made the last can of tuna in the house for the kids to have for lunch and I thought Lord I’m not going to worry about it0 After class I was asking security what I had to do to get a food box as a student walked up and said I have a whole bunch of food to donate where can I take it. She blessed me with groceries! Meat, fruit, veggies, non-perishables, milk the whole 9 yards!!!

Afriend was a Jehovah witness who use to think our church was from the devil lol. Until a few weeks ago when he started coming answered an alter call and asked for the baptism of the Holy Ghost! Just this pass Friday I also prayed with his sister who was also a Jehovah witness and she accepted Jesus. My youngest sister and my brother have been born again and have attended church. My family sees a difference in me and I myself notice a change, which is refreshingly surprisingly great! My children (ages 2 –9) are spirit filled and pray everyday on their own! They even pray for me! I know this is only the beginning for I serve the great I AM….Kimberly R.