Rodney Howard Browne – Nigel B. Testimony

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After being really scared about going on the street, God was amazing.  He brought the right people to me.  I prayed with two lady ministers who both rededicated their lives to the Lord, and they said they knew that someone was going to speak to them today.


While we were out today, my team prayed for my leg.  I had a stroke a year ago, and I have been unable to move my toes or ankle. During prayer, my toes started to move, and I have been walking without a brace or a cane. I went to Wal Mart and to the nursing home, and I prayed with 4 people today to get saved.


Most people said they hoped they were going to heaven. When I told them of God’s promises to us they were happy, but when they said they were forgiven and forgave others who ever have hurt them they would cry and say now I’m forgiven and I am going to heaven.  I spoke to another person that was unable to speak. I asked “blink if you understand and blink if you want to receive Jesus” and she did. She was crying during the prayer.

Rodney Howard Browne – Steve A. Testimony

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I recently spoke with a homeless guy who was a pastor, but he didn’t receive at first.  Another soulwinner named Steve prayed for him and had a word for him that “something is going to happen to you tonight between 7 – 10 p.m.”  I went back a week later, and the homeless man accepted Jesus.  He said that the night that Steve gave him the word, he went to get high but didn’t and has been off crack ever since.


I went to a nursing home and prayed with 8 staff members.  We had a lot of favor today, and I prayed with many between the ages of 90-99 years old!!  Altogether, I prayed with 43 people!


Today was my first time going out soul winning.  I went to a nursing home.  Outside in the courtyard two women accepted Jesus, and one said, “This is what I needed today.”  Altogether, I prayed with 6 people to receive Christ.


I went to a nursing home today and prayed with a Jewish lady who at first said, “But I’m Jewish.” After the nursing home, we went to the streets and prayed with a guy at a bus stop.  I also got to lead two Spanish people to Jesus.  Through the whole day, I prayed with a total of 14 people.