Summer Camp Meeting – Needra H. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

“Igniting a Generation”, was absolutely amazing! I have never experienced a camp meeting like this before. From the diversity in music to the speakers God demonstrated His creativity and His ability to use absolutely anyone He chooses to help ignite a generation!

Personally, I came to the realization that I no longer have room to complain. When Pastor Joel Stockstill gave his testimony, I realize that the call God has on my life is a great thing and will be an awesome journey; but I may face tribulations along the way. This does not give me the right to give up or be depressed, but rather persevere with all my might! When I realized that this great man of God still ministers with no kidneys, loss his wife to cancer and is still going through treatment 3 days a week, my problems are so small! This camp meeting caused me to step outside of myself and “my world” and realize that the people that need to be reached are far more important than my issues. That God has called me and has equipped me with everything I need to get the job done!

Another life changing moment for me was the fact that God really does use anyone! Every speaker had such an awesome testimony of God’s saving grace and power. The speakers helped me see that I do not have to be perfect but simply obeying the call! I think sometimes I get caught up in wanting to have everything right before God can use me. Or sometimes I think I mess up so many times that God might be disappointed in me. But thank God for His righteousness that is imputed to me, and all I have do to is just be willing to obey and move forward with whatever He has called me to do.

No matter what I face, or the circumstances surrounding me, I must press toward the mark; not looking to my right or left, but keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus!