Matters of the Heart | Howard Fox Testimony

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I was in the 6-12 children’s ministry on Sunday, the 13th of December. Joe was leading the service and it was awesome for the kids. The children were super excited the entire length of service. All of the games involved the children getting messy and having a great time, while teaching them about the word at the same time. In one of the games they kids were smashing plates of whip cream into their faces, ashed a raw on their head, then they had to wash their face with water. The whip cream and the raw egg represented sin in their life and the water represented Jesus and his cleansing power to wash their sins away. The children loved the game because they got to get messy but they also got a good message that they could remember about sin and Jesus’ power. After the games were done, Joe had a message about what Jesus did on the cross. Joe was not afraid to tell them how Jesus suffered and what the roman soldiers did to Jesus. After finishing the message, Joe simply asked the children if they would like to step over and get on Jesus’ side and not the devil’s side. Almost all of the children raised their hands. It was awesome how the Holy Spirit drew them to Jesus. There was no coercing in his asking just the love of God. He asked the children to come up with him on the stage and the stage was full of kids, over 150 first time decisions to accept Jesus were made. That was awesome! I was amazed to see how much all of them just wanted Jesus to come into their lives. Most of those children were first time visitors, many from the bus ministry. I have no idea what will happen in those children’s lives, but they will always know Jesus’ loves them and they can always run to Him when they are in trouble. I may not see any of them again, this side of Heaven but I know God is going to do awesome things for His kingdom through many of them.

Winter Camp Meeting 2010 | Rebecca Weiner Testimony

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This year’s winter camp meeting was definitely a struggle for me and my busy work schedule; however it was also a great learning experience for me because of it. I had to learn how to balance work and my responsibilities at the church.

The week of camp meeting was also the week one of the other employees was fired and I was the only one who could work nights so I was working forty plus hours a week, and then coming to service and staying until one-two in the morning. It was a challenge but I got through and feel stronger now and feel as if I can take on more responsibilities. That week a also with out my knowledge was but in charge of children’s church with a fellow students (he knew we were in charge) and I was put in charge of the offering message and so I was put to the test of being prepared in and out of season. The message was great the children really enjoyed it; it was interactive so they did not feel bored or “out” of the moment, they were right there with me and had a great time. The other student taught the message and we had an alter call to except Christ, I found that sp amazing how many came up to pray. It was awesome. Then we prayed with the kids and the power of God hit the place all the children where on the ground laughing and crying, God has never used me in that way before and it was really an awesome experience for me. During the week I did work camera a lot and that was fun it was hard at time especially when service went long but we all worked it out and worked together, I was happy that I could help and be a blessing to the people in productions because they work so hard and they did not need the extra stress of not having enough camera operators. I also helped out in that nursery a few times which I love, I love working with children and babies. Working in the nursery is a different experience all together, those babies can teach you so much it is amazing.

Winter camp meeting 2010 was hard, but amazing all at the same time, I learned a lot, and grew stronger in the things of God. It was an amazing experience all around no matter where I was serving or who I was serving with, because ultimately I was serving God and that is all that matters.