Winter Camp Meeting | Gary Jones Testimony

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The winter camp meeting of 2010 was the greatest camp meeting of my life. It started with the first few days about hungering for the things of God. Letting the fire burn out what is not of Him. Drawing nearer to God and getting rid of the things of the flesh. As the meetings continued even though I was serving you could feel the atmosphere and presence of God building. On Monday night pastor Adonica had tried to share her testimony on when she had been touched by the Lord. As people were laughing and being ministered to I asked the Lord to touch me in the same way. I reminded Him that His word says that he is not a respecter of persons and if he touched others that were seeking Him he would have to do the same for me. After praying about it that night, I went on pretty well forgetting about what I had asked Him and just kept seeking his presence. The next couple of days were about consecration and hunger and you could sense the meetings growing.

Jan 28th 2010 came. It was Thursday night. That evening there were many reasons that I could have chosen not to come, but, to me there was no other option. I wanted to be touched by Him. The only reason I had moved to Tampa to the River was to meet God. It had cost me everything.

That night He changed my life. I still can’t even talk about it but for some reason I can type it. I was seated behind Pastors Allen and Pastor Todd. When I felt the presence and power of God coming from the center stage area where Pastor Rodney was ministering.

I watched as both Pastors fell out of their seats in front of me and I tried to stay seated because I was serving but was unable to. For the next three hours I was on the floor laughing and crying as the Presence of God was doing a work in me. There where areas in my life that were changed instantly, others that I am still finding out about. I have been more equipped to handle the storms that have been coming against me. I know there are things that have not come to fruition that were imparted to me that night.

I am hungrier for a move of God than ever before. God answered my prayer four nights later. To be there and see Pastor Rodney and his family on what he called the highlight of his 30 years in ministry was an honor and a privilege. I am marked by God and I will never be the same.

Great Awakening Tour City # 24 Cocoa, Florida | Kesiamecwe Patience L

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May the Lord Bless your Great Awakening Tour. This is a belated Thank you and testimony: I have been following your God TV programmes and since late January (29th)I received the Gift of tounges after calling your prayerline.I struggled a bit on the night when i called you, however, I was “humming” a song called “To Worship You” in our office the following morning.Suddenly i was speaking in tongues! I quickly went upstairs it carried on for more than an hour without stopping. I still do not know what i say but I always feel cleased afterwards.I am based in Lichfield,Staffordshire UK.I attend the local Methodist church and i pray for a big revival at our church and the city of Lichfield.I pray that the Lord use me whilst i am in the UK as I will surely use this gift when we finaly relocate to Botswana.The tools are very helpful as well.I am still very hungry for the Presence of God to guide me. I meet twenty year olds who have heard of Jesus but have never read the Bible. That is why I benefit from your programmes. AGAIN, MAY THE LORD ABUNDANTLY BLESS DRS. ADORNICA AND RODNEY,YOUR FAMILY AND THE MINISTRY THAT SUPPORT YOU. GLORY BE TO GOD,IN JESUS NAME. PAT

Kesiamecwe Patience L
Lichfield (No State) United Kingdom

Great Awakening Tour City # 24 Cocoa, Florida | Thampikutty G Testimony

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Today was good. We went and spoke today with people who seemed as though they needed encouragement and we were able to share with them the love of God and the hope He brings through His son, Jesus Christ. Drs.Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne I sent in a prayer request for deliverance from oppression from my supervisor. I was oppressed by a troublesome supervisor for 7 years. On April 6th, he had a big fight with our Manager and as a result he was terminated with immediate effect! And the management issued me a letter authorizing me as the accounts supervisor. I give all the glory and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am not gloatig. Our Lord sees our afflictions and He will surely deliver us from all our troubles. I take this opportunity to thank you and your prayer team. Kind regards

Thampikutty G
Abha (No State) Saudi Arabia